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The foremost language, toolset and design discipline for the engineering of high-assurance software. Learn More »


CodePeer assesses a program for potential bugs before it is executed, in effect serving as an automated peer review. Learn More »


Our new specialized tool for analyzing and reporting program coverage. Learn More »


Frontline Support Expertise

We allow your team to leverage on literally hundreds of years of collective Ada experience. Indeed, several of our staff worked on the original Ada development effort. Whether you need help setting up your first Ada project or resolving the most complex programming challenge, you'll have direct access to this invaluable Ada knowledgebase. Learn More »

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IBM Rational

Developing high quality embedded systems and software to meet tight deliver schedules demands a robust design environment. IBM Rational achieves this with Rhapsody®, an integrated visual modeling environment for embedded and real-time system engineering projects. The solution uses SysML 1.0 and UML® 2.1 with graphical C programming, allowing engineers to quickly and non-ambiguously specify requirements, design structure and the behavioral aspects of the system. For the embedded device developer, Rhapsody offers a Model Driven Development (MDD) environment for embedded systems, enabling you to create graphical models of the system that can be simulated and tested while automatically generating C/C++/ Ada or Java code that is directly deployable on the end product. Learn more about our partners »