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The GNAT Academic Program (GAP) was created to help bring Ada to the forefront of university study.

Why Ada? Because we believe that Ada is the right choice for courses in elementary programming, data structures, software engineering and for more advanced courses in compiler construction. Ada embodies the best contemporary ideas in software technology, and students exposed to Ada at an early stage of their career become more skilled and principled programmers.

A place to share knowledge, new ideas and resources.

Dedicated to building a community of academic professionals, the GNAT Academic Program’s primary objective is to provide a collaborative platform where educational materials, knowledge, resources and fresh ideas can be developed and shared. We hope it will advance exchanges regarding the creative use of GNAT within an academic setting and encourage teachers to share experiences encountered with Ada in their professional work.

The tools and support you need.

AdaCore provide the community with The GAP Package; a comprehensive toolset and support package designed to give educators the tools they need to teach Ada. It includes an integrated binary distribution of the GNAT and SPARK tool sets and a variety of add-ons and libraries. Instructors also receive direct help and support for all academic versions of GNAT including: assistance in using the system, suggestions for workarounds when system issues arise and help in understanding Ada.

For more information about joining the GNAT Academic Program, please contact us at: gap-contact@adacore.com