Academic Courses

Ada is being used in academic courses by GAP members around the world. The following are examples of how some universities integrate Ada into their cirriculum.

University of York Department of Computer Science (UK) uses Ada for Analysable Real-Time Systems

University of York Department of Computer Science (UK)

The Department of Computer Science at the University of York is using the latest version of Ada to teach the Analysable Real-Time Systems (ARTS) module. This module covers both the theory and the practice of implementing analysable real-time systems. Read more »

Newcastle University School of Computing Science (UK) uses Ada and SPARK for Security and Resilience

Newcastle University School of Computing Science (UK)

Since 2007, students studying for the MSc in Computer Security and Resilience at Newcastle University, UK have been introduced to SPARK Ada to underline the principles of High Integrity Software Development. Ada is not taught exclusively: the course also uses Java in other general programming modules.
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Computer Science Dept switches to Ada for More Effective Learning

Western Washington University (Bellingham, Washington, US)

In 2004, the faculty of the Computer Science department at Western Washington University conducted a comprehensive review of the undergraduate curriculum. At the heart of their considerations was the choice of programming language for the introductory programming courses. The faculty agreed that their current choice, C++, was not effective because students were spending so much of their time and intellectual effort on the idiosyncrasies of the language and much less time on problem solving and scalable programming practices. Read more »

Ada for Data Structure and Software Engineering Fundamentals

University of Northern Iowa (USA)

The University of Northern Iowa, in Cedar Falls, Iowa, US, was one of the first institutions to join this program, with Prof. John McCormick as the university representative. Signing up for GAP was a natural decision for UNI and for Prof. McCormick, since he has been using Ada and GNAT in Computer Science courses there since 1997. Read more »

Different Development Paradigms Within a Single Language

University of Stuttgart (Germany)

At the University of Stuttgart, Ada is the first programming language taught to incoming students of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Automation Technology, and several other disciplines as part of their year-long introduction to practical Computer Science and to programming. Read more »

Ada Helps Students Achieve Programming Literacy

Kean University (USA)

Ada was already in use at the university, with the GNAT environment, and Prof. Wittenberg wanted to have the latest toolset available not only for the contest, but also for the Comparative Programming Languages Course in which Ada is currently taught. Read more »