AdaCore provides educators with the GAP Package at no cost. This comprehensive toolset and support package is designed to give educators the tools they need to teach Ada. The package includes an integrated binary distribution of the GNAT tool set and a variety of add-ons and libraries.

Instructors also receive direct help and support for all academic versions of GNAT including: assistance in using the system, suggestions for workarounds when system issues arise and help in understanding Ada 95 and Ada 2005.

The GAP Package includes:

Tools and Resources

An integrated source and binary distribution for Windows, Solaris, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X including:

Plus source releases for: PolyORB, GtkAda, ASIS, AWS, XML/Ada, GNATcoll, AJIS and POSIX API,.

The Community

A place to share knowledge, fresh ideas, resources and teaching materials such as:

  • Slide presentations
  • Articles and papers
  • Lecture notes
  • Books and videos
  • Programming challenges


Online technical support from AdaCore’s team of Ada experts.

For more information about joining the GNAT Academic Program, please contact us at: gap-contact@adacore.com