Resources and Links

Below you’ll find a short list of the best and most up-to-date Ada resources and links.

Ada in Academia

GNAT Academic Program
A new community-based program created by AdaCore to encourage and support the use of Ada in Academia.


Ada 2012

SPARK 2014

Learning Ada: AdaCore University

Ada Associations

The home page for the “Special Interest Group on Ada” with pointers to local chapters.

Ada Resource Association
Articles on Ada applications, databases of available compilers, and more.

A site dedicated to Ada programming, tools and resources.

Ada Europe
An international organization set up to promote the use of Ada with local charters in several European countries.

Ada Deutschland
Ada Belgium
Ada France
Ada Denmark
Ada Sweden
Ada in Russian


Programming in Ada  
by John Barnes

Ada 2012 Reference Manual
by Tucker Taft, Robert Duff, Randy Brukardt, Erhard Plödereder, Pascal Leroy and Edmond Schonberg (Eds.)

Ada for Software Engineers 
by Ben-Ari

Programming in Ada 2005
by John Barnes

Concurrent and Real-Time Programming in Ada (covers Ada 2005)
by Alan Burns and Andy Wellings

Ada Plus Data Structures: An Object Oriented Approach (Second Edition: uses Ada 2005)
by Nell Dale and John W. McCormick

Ada 2005 Reference Manual
Tucker Taft, Robert Duff, Randy Brukardt, Erhard Plödereder, and Pascal Leroy (Eds.)

Ada 95: Problem Solving and Program Design (Third Edition)
by Michael Feldman and Elliot Koffman

Ada As A Second Language(Covers Ada 95 in depth)
by Norman Cohen

News Groups & Forums

Ada Programming Language on LinkedIn


Technical Resources

AdaCore technology documentation

High-Integrity Object-Oriented Programming in Ada

Safe and Secure Software - An Invitation to Ada 2012
by John Barnes

Ada for the C++ or Java Developer
This document will present the Ada language using terminology and examples that are familiar to developers that understand the C++ or Java languages. Written by Quentin Ochem.

Ada 2012 Rationale
The introduction to the Ada 2012 Rationale by John Barnes.

Ada 2005 Reference Manual
An online version of the Ada 2005 reference manual.

Ada 95 Reference Manual
An online version of the Ada 95 reference manual.

Ada Assessment Authority
The Ada Conformity Assessment Authority is responsible for the management of Ada conformity assessment.

ISO Home of Ada Standards
A summary of the present state of the standardization of Ada, current developments, and a brief history of the standardization of the Ada language.

FAA Software Verification Tools Assessment Study
The Software Verification Tools Assessment Study (SVTAS) was a research effort to investigate criteria for effectively evaluating structural coverage analysis tools for use on projects intended to comply with RTCA/DO-178B, “Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment.” Ada is mentioned several times.

NASA Software Safety Guidebook
This guidebook was created to provide specific information and guidance on the process of creating and assuring safe software. Once again, Ada is mentioned several times.

ARG Working Site

An Index of all Ada Issues

Ada 2005 Language Reference Manual (LRM)

Annotated Ada 2005 Language Reference (ARRM)

Ada 2005 Overview
An overview of the key features introduced with Ada 2005.


Ada 2012

SPARK Pro (Release 11) New Features

SPARK User Group 2012

Ada Answers
Hear what developers and technology decision makers have to say about Ada in this series of videos interviews.

Ada Lecture Series
Learn more about Ada through this informative series of university lectures and conference presentations given by some of the foremost experts on the language..