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    Jan 4th, 2016

    GPS: Incompatible changes in Python API
    This section lists changes done in the Python API that are no longer compatible with previous versions of GPS. GPS.*Context removed (2016-01-05)

      All classes related to contexts were merged into a single GPS.Context
      class, which provides the same features as all the others combined. The
      previous names have been left for backward compatibility, but users are
      encouraged to only use GPS.Context from now one. If you script was
      explicitly testing classes ("if isinstance(ctx, GPS.FileContext)"), you
      should instead test whether specific information is available
      ("if ctx.file()").
    GPS.Toolbar, GPS.Combo, GPS.ToolButton and GPS.Button removed (2016-01-04)
      This class has been removed. Only buttons associated with named actions
      can now be added (See GPS.Action.button). A benefit is that buttons can
      now be added to either the main toolbar or to the local toolbars of the
      various views. GPS can also repeat the main toolbar in every floating
      window. Since actions can also be associated with menus and key shortcuts,
      this also encouraged code reuse.
    GPS.Menu.create obsolescent (2015-12-01)
      This function is now obsolescent, and its use is discouraged (use instead). A temporary version still exists, but will be
      removed in future versions.
      The benefit is that menus are now always associated with named actions,
      which can also be bound to keyshortcuts or toolbar buttons. This encourages
      code reuse, and allows disabling all GUI items related to a given action
      more easily.