Development Log in March 2004.

  • GNAT Pro
    Mar 30th, 2004

    Improved minimal recompilation
    Minimal recompilation (gnatmake -m) has been improved. In particular, changing the case of an identifier or adding an underscore in a literal number will not trigger recompilation.

  • Ada | Ada 2005 / 95 / 83
    Mar 29th, 2004

    AI-231 Access-to-constant, non-null access types
    Parameters and discriminants of an anonymous access-to-constant type are introduced. Non-controlling access parameters and access discriminants are changed to allow having null value by default, but allow null to be excluded explicitly. Null-excluding subtypes of a named access type are also introduced.

  • GNAT Pro
    Mar 8th, 2004

    More flexible use of pragma Unreferenced
    The warning when an entity in a pragma Unreferenced is referenced is now restricted to the unit (including its spec/body and subunits). Most usefully this means that if a generic formal is unreferenced in the generic unit, then a pragma Unreferenced can be used to suppress the warning when this unit is compiled, without causing warnings in child units or references to instantiations.

  • GNAT Pro
    Mar 3rd, 2004

    —RTS option is added to gnatpp
    The option '--RTS' is added to gnatpp. It has the same meaning as the gcc '--RTS' option and it is passed to the gcc call generated by gnatpp

  • GNAT Pro
    Mar 3rd, 2004

    gnatpp can remove tabs in comments
    A new option '-notab' is added to gnatpp. If this option is set, gnatpp removes VT characters from the comment text and replaces HT with the sequences of space characters needed to get to the nearest tab stop.