Development Log in November 2004.

  • GNAT Pro
    Nov 29th, 2004

    Additional warning on unreferenced entities
    When warnings are enabled, the compiler now reports properly on unreferenced entities declared in subprogram bodies that have a previous subprogram declaration. Previously, messages were only produced for entities in bodies without a prior declaration.

  • GNAT Pro
    Nov 24th, 2004

    New project path section for gnatls -v
    When gnatls -v is invoked, in addition to the source and object path section, a new section indicating the project search path is displayed. The project path is found in the environment variable ADA_PROJECT_PATH, or if this environment variable is not defined or empty, it defaults to <prefix>/lib/gnat, where <prefix> is the intallation directory of GNAT.

  • GNAT Pro
    Nov 14th, 2004

    OS_Lib.Spawn uses parent priority on Windows
    Processes launched with all spawn routines found in GNAT.OS_Lib are using the priority class of their parent on Windows. For example, this is the case for gnatmake where the compiler is launched with gnatmake's priority class. Therefore, it is now possible to control the priority of a project build.

  • GNAT Pro
    Nov 13th, 2004

    Independent control of extra paren check
    The warning check for extra parens around conditional expressions has been removed from the redundant construct warning, and been replaced by a new style option -gnatyx (STYLE_CHECKS=XTRA_PARENS in VMS) which controls this specific check. This change reflects the observation that this is really more of a style check, and also allows it to be controlled independently of the other useful redundant construct warnings.

  • Ada | Ada 2005 / 95 / 83
    Nov 10th, 2004

    AI-085 Operations on Stream_IO
    In Ada 2005 a call to Reset without the mode parameter is equivalent to a call to Reset with the current mode of the file. In addition, the beginning and end of the file mentioned in the description of the semantics of Reset designate the beginning and end of the external file.

  • GNAT Pro
    Nov 2nd, 2004

    Enhanced variants of Spawn in GNAT.OS_Lib
    In package GNAT.OS_Lib, two new procedures Spawn have been added. These procedures redirect the output from the spawned program into either a file descriptor, or a file.

  • GNAT Pro
    Nov 1st, 2004

    Improved definition of No_Streams
    The restriction No_Streams is now more useful. It only disallows actual creation of objects of a stream type (by either an object declaration or an allocator). But it does not disallow withing Ada.Streams, which means that library packages with such with statements can still be used, provided no stream object is created.