Development Log in April 2007.

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Apr 27th, 2007

    Developer’s Center in GNAT Tracker
    The Developer's Center has now been integrated into GNAT Tracker 2 allowing customers to easily keep up to date with enhancements to the GNAT Pro technology, new technical papers, code samples, and documentation.

  • GNAT Pro
    Apr 27th, 2007

    Warning for useless abstract subprograms
    When an abstract subprogram is neither a dispatching operation nor an overriding of an inherited subprogram or predefined operator then most likely there is a mistake, since the declaration appears useless. A warning (under control of -gnatwr, warn on redundant features) is now issued on such declarations.

  • PolyORB
    Apr 26th, 2007

    No C++ compiler is required with recent GNAT
    New versions of the GNAT compiler now provide an IDL preprocessor. When this feature is present, no external C++ compiler is required to process OMG IDL files.

  • GNAT Pro | GPS | GNATbench
    Apr 25th, 2007

    Gnat Check integration with GPS
    A new module allows gnatcheck integration with GPS. This module offers the possibility to define the different rules to be checked by this tool via a graphical page in the 'Switches' section of the Project Properties dialog. Once those rules are defined, this module provides a new item in the files and projects contextual menus, allowing to run gnatcheck automatically with the defined rules.

  • GNAT Pro
    Apr 24th, 2007

    Improved dead code elimination
    Dead code elimination has been improved to make the most of the permission given in RM 11.6 not to raise an exception for a check from code without external effects.

  • GNAT Pro
    Apr 22nd, 2007

    New gnatpp option to preserve special form comments
    A new option (-c5) is added to gnatpp. With this option set, gnatpp does not change at all any comment that has a special character (such as &, # etc.) just after '--'. This allows to keep comments of special form (such as SPARK annotations) unchanged when pretty-printing. This option does not affect formatting of the comments that do not have the described structure.

  • GNAT Pro
    Apr 21st, 2007

    New gnatpp option to control THEN and LOOP layout
    New gnatpp option '--separate-loop-then' is added to specify that the THEN keyword in IF statements and the LOOP keyword in FOR and WHILE loops should be placed on a separate line.

  • GNAT Pro | GPS | GNATbench
    Apr 20th, 2007

    Fix of “use clause would make operation legal”
    Compiler messages "use clause would make operation legal" are now automatically fixed by GPS, by adding the missing use clause to the file.

  • GNAT Pro | GPS | GNATbench
    Apr 19th, 2007

    Better feedback when build fails w/o src location
    When a build fails with no file:line location (e.g. error at link time), GPS now raises the Messages window to make the error more visible.

  • GNAT Pro
    Apr 18th, 2007

    Modification status of attributes in ALI files
    The prefixes of attributes Access, Address, Input, Read and Unchecked_Access are considered as lvalues and subsequently marked "m" (modification) in ALI files. All other attribure references generate an "r" (reference) for their prefixes.

  • GNAT Pro | GPS | GNATbench
    Apr 18th, 2007

    Short titles for floating windows
    A new preference has been added to control titles used for floating windows. It is now possible to specify whether short or normal titles should be used. In particular, base file names can be used for editors instead of full names. The preference can be changed in the Windows section of the Preferences dialog.

  • GNAT Pro
    Apr 12th, 2007

    Improved warning for mismatched convention
    In the case where the convention of a subprogram does not properly match the convention of a subprogram access type to which it is assigned, the error message now identifies the exact entities involved, and where appropriate recommends the addition of a pragma Convention.

  • GNAT Pro | GPS | GNATbench
    Apr 11th, 2007

    Ability to use shell syntax on custom build/run
    When using the Build>Run>Custom and Build>Make>Custom menus, it is now possible to use shell syntax, as recognized by the SHELL environment variable, if set.

  • GNAT Pro
    Apr 10th, 2007

    Improved display of file names on windows
    On Windows, GNAT now retains the original file name casing and uses backward slashes instead of forward slashes for directory separators when displaying file names in gnatclean, gnatmake and other project file related tools.

  • GNAT Pro
    Apr 9th, 2007

    Stubs generated by gnatstub raise Program_Error
    Stub subprogram, task and entry bodies that are generated by gnatstub now raise Program_Error. This ensures that an exception is raised if one of these stubs is called by the application and enforces the need to replace the stub with a real body.

  • GNAT Pro
    Apr 5th, 2007

    Maximum non-binary modulus increased to 2**32-1
    The maximum non-binary modulus supported has been increased from 2**31-1 to 2**32-1 (actually to 2**Integer'Size - 1). In particular the use of 2**32-1 allows 1's complement wrap around addition, which is useful for computation of checksums.

  • GNAT Pro
    Apr 2nd, 2007

    Delays now take clock adjustments into account
    When the clock is set back to a time in the past (either manually or via DST), executing a relative delay statement will now ignore these clock changes and will last for no more than the initial requested delay.