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    Mar 1st, 2011

    Webinar: Migrating to DO-178C/Avionics Certification Trends

    (March 22, 2011 2pm EDT) Wind River, Ada Core and Verocel will show the webcast audience how use of COTS technology and best practices in software certification can improve time to market and reduce risk for safety-critical software developers.

    AdaCore will introduce tools and techniques for easing the development and certification costs for applications to be deployed within an IMA architecture. Options for certification approaches will be discussed along with methods for automating these approaches. Full software development environments will be discussed with tight integration of tools and toolsets when they are applicable to the development or safety certification effort for a particular safety standard.

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    Feb 2nd, 2011

    Hi-Lite: a Verification Toolkit for Unit Test & Unit Proof

    A presentation by Yannick Moy, Senior Engineer, AdaCore, at a recent talk at IRILL Days 2010. Video courtesy of IRILL (

    More on Hi-Lite...

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    Jan 17th, 2011

    ARTiMon - verification of temp-logic properties over flow of events

    AdaCore Internal Seminar - March 22, 2011

    ARTiMon - verification of temp-logic properties over flow of events. ARTiMon is a tool which analyzes on-the-fly a flow of dated observations in order to detect hazards expressed in its formal entry language (a temporized logic). A flow may stem from the instrumentation of a natural object, from the simulation of a model, the execution of a code or a system.

    ARTiMon can then be used in the design process of complex systems, for model validation, system testing or as an embedded controller. ARTiMon works in variable-step or in fixed-step mode and has no limitation about the length of flow. This is the only tool gathering all those features.

    Presenter: Nicolas Rapin - CEA/list researcher.

    AdaCore, from time to time, organizes seminars in the Paris offices. If you are interested in a particular talk, please send email to

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    Jun 2nd, 2010

    AdaCore internal micro seminars

    AdaCore, from time to time, organizes seminars in the Paris offices. These talks cover a wide range of technical topics presented by guest speakers and usually last around 2 hours. If you are interested in a particular talk, please contact

    Upcoming talks:

    An introduction to the Coq formal proof management system and its use in Mancoosi – Jaap Boender – UPMC.

    CompCert, formal verification of realistic compilers for critical software – Xavier Leroy – INRIA

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    May 17th, 2010

    Ada-Java interfacing

    Daniel Bigelow (independent consultant - has prepared 2 tutorials on using the Ada-Java Interfacing Suite. AJIS provides tools and libraries to enable the development of applications, where both Ada and Java are the programming languages.

    Part 1: Ada-Java Interfacing Suite 1 of 2
    Part 2: Ada-Java Interfacing Suite 2 of 2

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    May 11th, 2010

    AUnit tutorials

    Daniel Bigelow (independent consultant - has prepared a number of tutorials on the Ada unit testing framework (to view these, please click on the links).

    Part 1: Framework Overview
    Part 2: Simple Test-Case Class Tutorial
    Part 3: Standard Test-Case Tutorial
    Part 4: Fixture Test-Case Tutorial
    Part 5: Liskov Substitution Principle: 1 of 2
    Part 5: Liskov Substitution Principle: 2 of 2
    Part 6: Testing a class hierarchy using the Standard Test-Case: 1 of 2
    Part 6: Testing a class hierarchy using the Standard Test-Case: 2 of 2
    Part 7: Testing Generic Units: 1 of 2
    Part 7: Testing Generic Units: 2 of 2

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Jan 12th, 2010

    Webinar - Introducing CodePeer

    Tuesday, March 9, 5:00pm CET / 11:00 am EST / 8:00 am PST

    CodePeer - Source Code Analysis Tool

    Recently launched, CodePeer is a source code analyzer that detects run-time and logic errors in Ada programs. Serving as an efficient and accurate code reviewer - in effect an expert assistant. CodePeer identifies constructs that are likely to lead to run-time errors such as buffer overflows, and it flags legal but suspect code typical of logic errors. Going well beyond the capabilities of typical static analysis tools, CodePeer also produces a detailed analysis of each subprogram, including pre- and postconditions.

    This webinar will describe and demo some of the features of CodePeer and allow you to ask questions directly to the designers of the tool. To register, please visit:

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Dec 2nd, 2009

    Qualifying Machine project launched on Open-DO

    A Qualifying Machine (QM) is an agile and lean infrastructure to ease DO-178 tool qualification. The main goal of a QM is to ease the manipulation of all artifacts within the whole application life cycle and to track the activities performed by the development team.

    Within Open-DO, we released an instantiation of the QM concept for GNATcheck, a coding standard checking tool qualifiable for DO-178. The infrastructure and qualification material (including the Tool Qualification Plan and the testing framework) are freely available as open source in the Open-DO forge. With this initiative, we intend to promote open collaborations in the high-assurance domain and to show how to deploy a lean and agile qualification process.

    You can get more information on the Open-DO Qualifying Machine and download its instantiation for GNATcheck here.

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    Dec 1st, 2009

    GPRbuild 1.4 now available

    AdaCore is pleased to announce the immediate availability of GPRbuild 1.4.0 containing many improvements:

  • Enforcement of the use of a Standalone Library through its interface;
  • Ability to detect when the spec & body of the same unit are in different projects;
  • Completion of the recent work on option --no-indirect-imports that provides better encapsulation and organization of large multi-subsystem applications;
  • Support for recent configurations (e.g. Apple Snow leopard, LynxOS 5, ELinOS);
  • Major reduction of the # of necessary system calls significantly improving performances for big projects, especially when remote disks are used.
  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Oct 20th, 2008

    GNATcoll documentation added to Live Docs
    The GNAT Components Collection (GNATcoll) documentation has been added to Live Docs. The GNAT Components Collection is a suite of reusable software components and utilities originating from the AdaCore infrastructure. Live Docs provides an up to the minute snapshot of GNAT Pro technology. As new features and improvements are made to GNAT Pro these changes are immediately added to our product documentation and presented here in Live Docs.

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    Jun 4th, 2008

    Coverage Project

    Thanks to French public funds, the next generation of Free Software code coverage tools is on its way. “Project Coverage” will produce a Free Software coverage analysis toolset together with the ability to generate artifacts that allow the tools to be used for safety-critical software projects undergoing a DO-178B software audit process for all levels of criticality.

    While an important target use of the coverage toolset is safety-critical embedded applications, the design of the tools allows its use in non safety-critical projects.

    Beyond the production of useful tools and certification material for industrial users, an important goal is to raise awareness and interest about safety-critical and certification issues in the Free Software/Open Source community.

    The key insight of “Project Coverage” is as follows: code coverage can greatly benefit from recent advances in hardware virtualization technology as promoted, for instance, by QEMU.

    The attached slides give a presentation of the technical scope of the project.

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    May 12th, 2008

    GNAT Pro 6.1 InSight webinar archive

    The recently held GNAT Pro InSight webinar featuring GNAT Pro 6.1 is now available for viewing at:

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Mar 28th, 2008

    GNATbench 2.1 InSight webinar

    The GNATbench 2.1 webinar will take place June June 17, 2008.

    8:00 am Pacific Daylight Time
    11:00 am Eastern Daylight Time
    5:00 pm Europe Daylight Time

    AdaCore has recently introduced GNATbench 2.1.0. This release introduces many new features including project management and presentation enhancements, language-sensitive editor enhancements, additional wizards, builder enhancements, and source code navigation enhancements. This webinar will describe and demo some of the new features introduced in 2.1.0. As always, we will allow a question and answer session at the end enabling you to talk directly with the designers of GNATbench.

    This webinar will appeal to Ada developers that are using, or are interested in using, GNAT Pro and the Eclipse development environment in their projects. For more information on GNATbench please visit the GNATbench product page or contact

    To register for the event, please visit:

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Mar 11th, 2008

    GNAT Pro 6.1 InSight webinar

    Tuesday, May 6, 2008: 8:00 am PST / 11:00 am EST / 17:00 CET

    The latest version of the GNAT Pro Ada toolset sees over 150 enhancements to the technology including:

  • Additional GNAT Pro platforms incorporating the gcc 4.1 code generator (this code generator will now be included on most platforms)
  • Upgrade of the debugging engine, based on gdb 6.6
  • Improvement in robustness and efficiency for Ada 2005 features
  • Better real-time support on win32 platforms
  • Thread-safe profiling with gprof, on several platforms
  • Increased coverage analysis support for Ada in the gcov tool
  • New warnings to help programmers detect errors earlier
  • GNAT Pro companion tools such as gnatcheck, gnatpp and gnatmetric are being enhanced to support a wider variety of coding styles and coding standards.
  • The next webinar in the GNAT Pro InSight series will describe and demo some of the new features introduced in 6.1. As always, we will allow a question and answer session at the end enabling you to talk directly with the designers of GNAT Pro.

    Greg Gicca and Cyrille Comar will present this webinar and answer your questions. To register for this webinar, please click here.

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    Nov 9th, 2007

    GNATbench for Workbench Webinar
    The archived training webinar featuring GNATbench for Workbench is now available for download. Please click here to access it.

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Nov 8th, 2007

    Webinar: GNAT Pro for OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers

    GNAT Pro for OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers training webinar - Nov 20, 2007.

    AdaCore’s GNAT Pro for HP OpenVMS I64 is a full-featured Ada development environment offering a natural migration path for Ada applications from other platforms. It includes a compiler that can handle all three versions of the Ada standard — Ada 83, Ada 95, and Ada 2005 — and provides a rich set of auxiliary tools and an extensive set of libraries. Ada-aware debugging is provided through HP’s OpenDebug.

    In this half-hour webinar AdaCore, with HP’s participation, will describe the features and benefits of the GNAT Pro Ada development environment on HP OpenVMS I64 and answer questions from the audience. A particular focus will be on how to port Ada code from HP Ada on VAX and Alpha servers to GNAT Pro on OpenVMS I64. GNAT Pro supplies an extensive set of pragmas and attributes that are compatible with HP Ada, and for most Ada code the porting process should be reasonably straightforward. For those situations where the program makes architectural assumptions that do not apply to I64 (for example 32- bit addresses) the webinar will identify the issues and offer effective solutions.

    To register, please click here.

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Oct 10th, 2007

    GNATbench for Eclipse webinar available online

    The recently held GNATbench for Eclipse training webinar is now online:

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Sep 26th, 2007

    GNATbench for Workbench Insight Webinar

    The next in the GNAT Pro InSight series of webinars will feature GNATbench for Workbench. This will take place on Tuesday, October 30, 2007:

    9:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -07:00) 12:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -04:00) 5:00 pm Europe Standard Time (GMT +01:00)

    For more information and to enroll, please visit

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Sep 20th, 2007

    GNATstack 1.1.0
    AdaCore today announced the availability of GNATstack 1.1.0 to GNAT Pro High-Integrity customers. GNATstack is a static analysis tool that computes the maximum stack usage for a program. For more information, please click here.

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Sep 18th, 2007

    Ada Intern Program

    The new look Ada Intern Program is now up and running, providing a unique framework for AdaCore customers to source Ada-knowledgeable students from around the world for internship positions.

    Customers can post internship offers and view applicants' profiles via their GNAT Tracker account.

    Click here ( for more information.

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Jul 27th, 2007

    Support for .NET and Vista

    As part of the 6.0.2 release, AdaCore is pleased to announce that support for the Windows OS has been extended to the new Windows Vista platform. GNAT Pro now supports all Windows platforms from Windows 2000 through to Vista.

    In the near future AdaCore will announce support for Microsoft .NET bringing a commercial Ada development environment to this platform for the first time. The port will include support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005.

    A press release providing more details on these ports will be issued in the coming months.

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Jun 4th, 2007

    InSight GNATbench webinar

    Introducing the GNAT Pro InSight webinar series. AdaCore is launching a series of informative webinars dedicated to tools that make up the GNAT Pro development environment. 30 minutes long, each webinar will consist of a presentation, a demo, and a question and answer session conducted by an AdaCore technical expert.

    The first technology in the series is GNATbench, the GNAT Pro Ada plug-in for Eclipse that supports both native (standard) Eclipse and Wind River's Eclipse-based Workbench software development environment. The webinar will take place on Tuesday, June 5, 2007.

    For more information, please click here.

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Apr 27th, 2007

    Developer’s Center in GNAT Tracker
    The Developer's Center has now been integrated into GNAT Tracker 2 allowing customers to easily keep up to date with enhancements to the GNAT Pro technology, new technical papers, code samples, and documentation.

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Jan 15th, 2007

    New features for multi-language tool
    AdaCore’s multi-language program build tool, gprmake, has been updated to provide a number of important enhancements. These include:

    • support for Ada, C and C++ by default
    • support for multi-language libraries
    • support for new languages and/or toolchains through configuration files
    • independence from a specific GNAT Pro version (that is, the same gprmake will work with different GNAT Pro releases)

    A beta program for the new gprmake will be initiated later in 2007 and will be open to all AdaCore customers.

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Nov 30th, 2006

    GNAT Pro Insider Nov 2006 issue available
    The November 2006 issue of the GNAT Pro Insider newsletter is available for download. Contents:

    • GNAT Pro and Ada 2005 Coming to .NET
    • GNATstack Tool Available
    • New GCC Technology
    • What’s Coming in GNAT Pro 6.0.1
    • New Version of gprmake
    • New Version of GNAT Tracker
    • Spotlighting a GAP Member
    • AdaCore at Conferences
    • Interview with Bob Duff
    • Public Courses at AdaCore New York
    • New Target Platforms for GNAT Pro
    • More Ada 2005 Features Available in GNAT Pro
    To download the newsletter please click here

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Nov 17th, 2006

    New stage in the transition to GNAT Pro based on gcc 4.1 backend

    We are in the process of transitioning the GNAT Pro technology to a new compiler back-end based on GCC 4.1 which we expect to bring significant performance improvements to user applications. Our goal is to have several of our supported configurations on this back-end for the next major GNAT Pro release scheduled early 2007. We have been able to make significant progress in the areas of general stability and in the support for numerous platforms thanks to invaluable input provided by our customers. This latest beta version includes support for most of the new Ada 2005 features and is our most advanced Ada 2005 technology.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning this program.

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Nov 10th, 2006

    New Version Numbering for GNAT Pro

    In 2007 AdaCore will be moving to a new numbering scheme for product releases. Instead of two-part version numbers such as 3.15a or 5.04a1, we will be using the more common convention of three numbers separated by dots. The first number, as at present, will identify a major release and will thus indicate the introduction of significant new functionality. The second number will correspond to the digits after the dot in the current scheme. And the third number will replace the suffix (such as "a" or "a1") used at present. "0" as the third number will be used for a beta version, "1" for an initial release, and higher numbers for subsequent releases.

    In order to acknowledge the full support for the new Ada 2005 features, the GNAT Pro major version number is moving to the 6 series. More specifically, the version scheduled for Q1 2007 will be 6.0.1, and the follow-up release scheduled for later in the year will be 6.0.2. The planned releases in 2008, incorporating enhancements to be made during 2007, will then be 6.1.1 and 6.1.2.

    Customers can find more information in the "Our support policy" on GNAT Tracker.

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Oct 31st, 2006

    AdaCore Quality Process
    The Nov 2006 online issue of CrossTalk sees an interesting article on AdaCore's quality assurance processes and tools:

    "A software product is rarely a static artifact resulting from a one-time effort; it needs to evolve via periodic updates, to correct defects or meet new requirements, and it may need to be ported to multiple machines and/or operating systems. The development team might be distributed geographically, requiring careful coordination. A software producer must have well-defined processes for dealing with these issues, to ensure that its products successfully meet users’ needs."

    The full article is available here.

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Oct 31st, 2006

    GNATstack - software analysis tool
    AdaCore today launched GNATstack, a software analysis tool that enables software development teams to accurately predict the maximum size of the memory stack required to host an embedded software application. GNATstack is an important component of AdaCore’s High-Integrity solution (GNAT Pro HIE), which is an enhanced Ada development environment used for building safety-critical, embedded software applications that require certification. The tool is targeted at system designers creating high integrity and high reliability embedded applications. For more information please click here or contact

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Sep 8th, 2006

    AdaCore extends GNAT Pro 5.04a1 support to Alpha OpenVMS 8.2
    AdaCore is pleased to announce that GNAT Pro 5.04a1 now supports Alpha OpenVMS 8.2. GNAT Pro has been ported to more platforms, both native and embedded, than any other Ada technology. For a full list of supported configurations, please visit our configurations page.

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Nov 29th, 2005

    Additional warning on unreferenced entities
    When warnings are enabled, the compiler now reports properly on unreferenced entities declared in subprogram bodies that have a previous subprogram declaration. Previously, messages were only produced for entities in bodies without a prior declaration.

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Nov 29th, 2005

    New project path section for gnatls -v
    When gnatls -v is invoked, in addition to the source and object path section, a new section indicating the project search path is displayed. The project path is found in the environment variable ADA_PROJECT_PATH, or if this environment variable is not defined or empty, it defaults to /lib/gnat, where is the intallation directory of GNAT.

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Nov 29th, 2005

    Independent control of extra paren check
    The warning check for extra parens around conditional expressions has been removed from the redundant construct warning, and been replaced by a new style option -gnatyx (STYLE_CHECKS=XTRA_PARENS in VMS) which controls this specific check. This change reflects the observation that this is really more of a style check, and also allows it to be controlled independently of the other useful redundant construct warnings.

  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Nov 29th, 2005

    Improved definition of No_Streams
    The restriction No_Streams is now more useful. It only disallows actual creation of objects of a stream type (by either an object declaration or an allocator). But it does not disallow withing Ada.Streams, which means that library packages with such with statements can still be used, provided no stream object is created.