Development Log

  • Ada
    Apr 29th, 2008

    Designing Safe and Secure Systems

    Ben Brosgol's tutorial at SSTC 2008, entitled "Safety and Security: An Analysis of Certification Issues and Technologies for High-Integrity Software".

    Today's interconnected critical systems must be both safe and secure; software developers and decision makers need to understand the operative certification standards and their implications on technology choice and system development. This presentation first summarizes the DO-178B avionics safety standard and the Common Criteria / Common Evaluation Methodology security standard. It identifies the requirements that these standards impose on programming language technology and development tools, and explains how safety and security considerations are similar and how they differ. It describes how modern programming language features such as Object-Oriented Programming affect safety and security certification, and assesses several current language family approaches -- C / C++, Ada / SPARK, and Java -- against safety and security requirements.