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  • GNAT Pro | Ada Compiler
    Nov 10th, 2006

    New Version Numbering for GNAT Pro

    In 2007 AdaCore will be moving to a new numbering scheme for product releases. Instead of two-part version numbers such as 3.15a or 5.04a1, we will be using the more common convention of three numbers separated by dots. The first number, as at present, will identify a major release and will thus indicate the introduction of significant new functionality. The second number will correspond to the digits after the dot in the current scheme. And the third number will replace the suffix (such as "a" or "a1") used at present. "0" as the third number will be used for a beta version, "1" for an initial release, and higher numbers for subsequent releases.

    In order to acknowledge the full support for the new Ada 2005 features, the GNAT Pro major version number is moving to the 6 series. More specifically, the version scheduled for Q1 2007 will be 6.0.1, and the follow-up release scheduled for later in the year will be 6.0.2. The planned releases in 2008, incorporating enhancements to be made during 2007, will then be 6.1.1 and 6.1.2.

    Customers can find more information in the "Our support policy" on GNAT Tracker.