Product Updates

CodePeer 2.0.1

CodePeer 2.0.1 is available for the following platforms:



This is a major release introducing many new enhancements:

  • Support for access-to-subprogram types
  • More efficient SCIL generation, with faster processing and simpler (and fewer) SCIL files.
  • Fewer partitions by default to perform an analysis.
  • Support for parallel SCIL generation. Users can now take advantage of the gnatmake -jxx switch to generate SCIL files in parallel on multiple cpus/cores.
  • New warning, “useless self assignment”, when an assignment does not modify the destination variable.
  • Fewer “false positives” (false alarms)
  • Improved integration with the GPS IDE.


For more information on the CodePeer tool, please visit the product page.