Product Updates

GNAT Pro 5.04

AdaCore is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the GNAT Pro 5.04 release.

GNAT Pro 5.04 sees important enhancements in many areas, including:

  • Support for all major 64-bit architectures
  • Increased support for OS versions
  • Altivec support
  • Improved installation and usage of the toolset
  • Stack size control and analysis
  • Linker-level removal of unused subprograms (on Linux only so far)
  • GNATCHECK (The new coding standard verification tool)
  • Support for all major features of Ada 2005 including:
    • “Limited with” and “private with”
    • All new forms of anonymous access types
    • Complete interface feature (including task, protected, synchronized, and limited interfaces)
    • “Object.Operation” notation
    • Complete containers library

The 5.04 release is available for the following native platforms:

  • alpha-tru64
  • mips-irix
  • pa-hpux
  • ppc-aix
  • ppc-darwin
  • SPARC-solaris
  • x86-linux
  • x86-solaris
  • x86-windows
  • x86_64_linux
  • ia64-hp_linux
  • ia64-hpux
  • ia64-sgi_linux

The remainder of our supported native platforms (e.g. alpha-openvms, ia64-openvms, x86-lynx) and cross configurations will be made available in the weeks to come.