Product Updates

GNAT Pro 6.3.1

GNAT Pro 6.3.1 is a major release comprising 18 native and 35 cross platforms qualified for hundreds of different environments (including variations of Ada runtimes as well as host and target OS versions). For a full list of supported platforms, please visit:

New GNAT Pro 6.3 features include:

  • Support for 64-bit code generation on Windows
  • Support for Windows 7
  • Improvements to a number of tools, including:
    • Pretty printer (gnatpp)
    • Coding standard verifier (GNATcheck)
    • Stack size analyzer (GNATstack)
  • Other tool enhancements:
    • Unused dispatching subprogram elimination (gnatelim)
    • More flexible project handling
    • More efficient gnatmake and gprbuild
    • C and C++ binding generation
  • Compiler and debugger enhancements, including:
    • Many additional warnings
    • More flexible enabling/disabling of warnings
    • Faster Unbounded_String implementation
    • Removal of redundant run-time checks
    • Support for Ada 2012 conditional expressions
    • Code generation (speed and size) improvements
    • More compact debugging information
    • Improved interfacing with C++