Product Updates

GNAT Pro 6.0.1

AdaCore announces the first to market Ada 2005 language development environment, with the release of GNAT Pro version 6.0.1. GNAT Pro is the only Ada development environment to support all three ISO versions of the Ada language (83/95/2005).

The 6.0.1 release also includes an enhanced version of the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) IDE. GPS 4.1.0 offers programmers improved usability and efficiency through an advanced Outline View complete with new design and new features. Python and pygtk enable powerful scripting and customized dialog capabilities and are now supported on all platforms. Developers can make use of a wider range of plug-ins more effectively from within GPS thanks to enhanced support. A more intelligent smart completion engine coupled with automatic fixing for more compiler messages enables an all round smoother development process.

For more info on GNAT Pro 6.0.1 please click here.