Product Updates

GNAT Pro 6.2.1

GNAT Pro 6.2.1 is a major release comprising 18 native and 28 cross platforms qualified for 146 different environments (including variations of Ada runtimes as well as host and target OS versions). For a full list of supported platforms, please visit:

The core compiler back-end technology is now based on a gcc 4.3, while the core debugging engine is based on gdb 6.8. These upgrades allow significant performance gains as well as porting to new architectures.

New supported platforms in 6.2.1 include:



An internal AdaCore ACATS certificate is now included for relevant platforms. It is a first step in providing more reviewable qualification evidence as part of the GNAT Pro release. Note that ACATS testing represents only one component of our overall qualification procedures.

Main native platforms now offer 2 additional components that were beta-tested last year:

    Ada-Java Interfacing Suite (AJIS)
    GNAT Component Collection (GNATcoll)

This new release incorporates fixes for the all issues that have been reported to AdaCore as documented in the ‘Known Problems’ files of the GNAT Tracker Documentation section: Known problems in GNAT Pro 6.1.2.

In the same section, you can also find 'Features' entries describing all the new features and enhancements. Major ones include:

  • Improved support for safety-critical applications
  • - Traceability to source code
    - Coverage analysis
  • Ability to associate pre- and post-conditions with subprograms
  • Ability to selectively enable or disable groups of assertions
  • Additional rules in gnatcheck for coding standard verification
  • More efficient implementation of stack checks, overflow checks, and validity checks
  • Additional attributes and pragmas to ease generic programming
  • Communication-related improvements
  • - More efficient string streaming
    - Better support for serial communication and socket handling
  • Additional compilation warnings on suspected errors
  • - Missing overriding indicators
    - Assumption that string lower bound is 1.

The 6.2.1 release also includes an enhanced version of the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) IDE. GPS 4.3.x is compatible with GNAT Pro versions 3.16a1 up to 6.2