Product Updates

GNAT Pro 7.4.1

GNAT Pro 7.4 incorporates new functionality, a number of performance improvements, additional platform support including several new embedded targets, and many other enhancements.

GNAT Pro includes a full Ada compiler, Integrated Development Environments – the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) and the Eclipse-based GNATbench – a comprehensive toolset including a visual debugger, and an extensive set of libraries and bindings.

GNAT Pro 7.4 continues to build upon the strong foundation of gcc 4.9 while upgrading to the gdb 7.10 debugger technology. It supports Windows 10 as well as several new target platforms, in particular VxWorks 7 (ARM, e500v2, PPC, x86_64), VxWorks 653 3.0, and PikeOS (PowerPC).


Among the more than 120 new features are the following enhancements:

- Generating C headers from Ada package specifications, which complements the existing facility (-fdump-ada-spec) for deriving Ada package specs from C header files
- Detecting invalid memory access via libsanitizer on Linux
- Enabling SSE floating point extensions by default on all x86 native ports
- Better performance for the Ada.Containers library, for example in the implementation of "for...of" loops and iterations