Product Updates

GNAT Pro for ERC32

AdaCore is pleased to announce GNAT Pro for ERC32:

GNAT Pro for ERC32 is a flexible cross-development environment, developed under ESA/ESTEC contract, supporting the Ada 95 Ravenscar tasking model for ERC32 (ATMEL TSC695 processor). It provides a full-featured visual programming environment for developing mission-critical real-time software on Ada, covering the whole development cycle: language-oriented editing, compiling, binding, inking, loading, and graphical tasking-aware debugging.

The toolchain has been tailored and streamlined for taking full advantage of the Ravenscar Profile restrictions. The reduced complexity of the run time, together with its configurability, make it an excellent choice for mission-critical real-time space applications in which certification or small size is needed. Software reliability and predictability is also increased by the exclusion of non-deterministic and non analyzable tasking features.

GNAT Pro for ERC32 supported hosts:

  • SPARC Solaris
  • GNU/Linux