Product Updates

GNATbench 2.5

GNATbench 2.5 introduces both new functionality as well as both enhancements and corrections to existing capabilities. New functionality includes many new source completion proposals for the Code Assist feature, new entities displayed in the Outline view, and many new source code correction proposals for the Quick Fix feature. Performance has been increased as well. These additions and enhancements make development and use even easier and more productive.

GNATbench 2.5 is supported on Eclipse 3.5, Eclipse 3.6, Workbench 3.1 and Workbench 3.2.

1. Source code completion via Code Assist includes the following new capabilities:

    Task entries and accept statements
    Qualified aggregates
    Loop parameters (i.e., loop indexes)
    Components declared in the variant parts of discriminated records
    Entities declared in Ada package Standard
    Pragmas and attributes, including display of the corresponding documentation
    Instances of generic units are now included in completion proposals
    Generic formal parameters are now supported for completions within the generic unit
    Ada 2005 interface types are now supported. All primitive operations will be offered by the completion, even those coming from multiple inheritance.

In addition to the above new capabilities, existing Code Assist completions have been enhanced:

    When completing "raise" statements, only exception names and packages names (for the sake of their visible exceptions) will be proposed
    When completing variables & parameters, only package names and type names will be proposed


2. New entities are now displayed in the Outline view and the view is more robust even when the source file is changing:

    Generic formal parameters are now displayed
    Nodes for project dependencies, i.e., the "with" clauses, are now displayed


3. Many new proposals have been added to the Auto-Fix feature. (Auto Fix parses error and warning messages from the tools and proposes corresponding source code corrections.)

    New proposals for several different warnings
    New proposals for several different style checks
    Disallowed blank line(s) at end of file
    Disallowed blank space
    References to variables for which a pragma Unreferenced is applied
    Unexpected tilde or percent character in SPARK annotations
    Undefined entities, even if the compiler didn't find any potential match


4. Miscellaneous improvements have also been incorporated, including the following:

    The editor's syntax highlighting and formatting actions now support Ada 2012 syntax.
    GNATbench now provides a partial navigation mode available even when files are not yet compiled.
    GNATbench startup time has been significantly reduced. This improvement is especially noticeable when using sources from a remote server.


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