Product Updates

GNATbench 2.0

AdaCore is pleased to announce GNATbench 2.0, a major enhancement to the GNAT Pro Eclipse-based plug-in. GNATbench 2.0 supports:

  • - Standard Eclipse 3.2 (Windows and Linux)
  • - Wind River’s Workbench 2.5 (Windows)
  • - Workbench 2.6 (Windows and Linux)

For both standard Eclipse and Wind River Workbench, GNATbench 2.0 includes the following shared features:

  • - Support for Ada 2005, Ada 95, and Ada 83
  • - Full Ada perspective
  • - Automatic code completion after the dot in unit names or record object names, for subprogram formal parameters, and simple identifiers
  • - Wizards for creating new Ada projects
  • - Enhanced Ada Project Explorer
  • - Increased responsiveness and reliability
  • - New GNAT Project File editor with syntax highlighting
  • - Enhanced Ada editor, allowing color selection for numeric literals
  • - Automatic generation of package bodies from package declarations
  • - Changes to GNAT project files are effective immediately without having to restart
  • - New extended and enhanced User’s Guide, including tutorials for building systems from initial project creation through executable generation

GNATbench 2.0 for Wind River Workbench features all the above, plus:

  • Workbench 2.6 support, in addition to Workbench 2.5
  • - Enhanced Import wizard for creation of new projects from existing GNAT projects, including configuration as Downloadable Kernel Module (DKM) and Real Time Process (RTP) projects
  • - Debugging Ada tasks is supported
  • - Wizards for creating new projects warn if an unsupported build spec is selected
  • - Visible views added to the Application Development perspective, and view shortcuts for the views that are not automatically visible

GNATbench 2.0 for standard Eclipse features all the shared capabilities plus the following:

  • - Eclipse 3.2 support
  • - Support for both native- and cross-compilation
  • - Builder Console display
  • - Project “Clean”, "Build", and "Rebuild" commands
  • - Automatic syntax and semantic analysis on Ada files
  • - User-defined builder commands
  • - New toolbar for Ada element creation (new projects, new files)
  • - Automatic refreshes after a command so tool results can be seen (executables, automatically generated package bodies, etc.)