Product Updates

GPRbuild 1.1.0

AdaCore is pleased to announce the immediate availability of GPRbuild 1.1.0. This new release of GPRbuild offers full support for all major native and cross platforms supported by AdaCore (15 native configurations and 22 cross). It provides better support for projects that use a combination of languages (Ada, C, C++, Assembly, and others) and has enhanced its support of very large subsystems. New major features have also been added:

  • Each subsystem can define which of its sources are visible to other subsystems. An error is reported when a dependency on a non-visible source of a different subsystem is detected.
  • A new GPRbuild option limits source dependency to immediately “with”ed projects.

This new release has addressed all issues reported after the 6.1.1 GNAT Pro release.

We encourage all GNAT Pro users to upgrade to this new builder technology. As a reminder, using or upgrading GPRbuild does not require a change of compilers and therefore does not imply changing code generators. All the GNAT Pro compilers released over the last 5 years are in fact supported by GPRbuild.

GPRbuild 1.1.0 can be downloaded from the “Tools” folder in the “Download” section on GNAT Tracker. As always, for questions, or to inform us of issues that you encounter, please let us know through the GNAT Tracker report facility or by email to the usual address.