Product Updates

GPS 3.0

AdaCore is pleased to announce the immediate release of GPS 3.0 for the following platforms:

  • alpha-tru64
  • mips-irix
  • pa-hpux
  • SPARC-solaris
  • x86-linux
  • x86-solaris
  • x86-windows

The 3.0 version is a major release and provides many new improvements, including:

  • Automatic documentation generation from Ada sources
  • Support for remote debugging/compilation
  • Support for inter-process communication between GPS and external tools
  • New visual comparison tool
  • Visualization of Ada metrics
  • Outline View, dynamically showing the code structure in the current editor
  • Improved project editing, including support for: library projects, limited with, child projects
  • Project dependency editor
  • Improved MDI (multiple document interface)
  • Improved graphical display of data structures while debugging


IPL and Praxis High-Integrity Systems provide a GPS 3.0 compatible plug-in for the AdaTEST 95 and SPARK Toolset

Read the GPS 3.0 press release

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