Product Updates

GPS 4.0

AdaCore is pleased to announce the immediate release of GPS 4.0.0 for the following platforms:

  • alpha-tru64
  • ia64-sgi_linux
  • ia64-hp_linux
  • pa-hpux
  • ppc-darwin
  • sparc-solaris
  • x86-linux
  • x86-solaris
  • x86-windows
  • x86_64-linux

The 4.0.0 version is a major release and provides many new improvements, including:

  • Support for Remote Programming
  • Powerful code completion in source editor
  • New port: 64 bits x86_64
  • VCS additions: support for branches, file status cache, revision view
  • Improved user interface: new icons, new search/replace dialog, menus, ...
  • Ability to save breakpoints between debug sessions
  • Customizable default project

GPS 4.0 is compatible with all versions of GNAT Pro from 3.15 through to 5.04

GPS 4.0 press release

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