Product Updates

GPS 4.2.0

AdaCore is pleased to announce the immediate availability of GPS 4.2.0. New functions in GPS 4.2 include:

  • - Graphical support for code coverage (gcov)
  • - Improved documentation generation with faster, improved HTML output using CSS and javascript
  • - Enhanced code completion, including support for the Object.Method syntax as provided in Ada 2005.
  • - Full ability to manage files and directories from GPS
  • - Source editor improvements - better tooltips, source navigation and indentation
  • - Improved handling of dispatching calls and primitives, enabling better understanding (prior to run time) of which subprograms will be executed

New plug-ins, including:

  • - Support for code verification through gnatcheck
  • - Support for addr2line
  • - Listing of unused entities (replaces gnatxref)
  • - Display of dependency paths across files
  • - Ability to cut/copy/paste in contextual menu
  • - Recomputation of Ada cross references

GPS 4.2.0 is compatible with GNAT Pro versions 3.16a1 up to 6.1.

For more info, please click here

To view the archived webinar (including demo) featuring GPS 4.2.0, please click here.