Product Updates

GPS 4.4

AdaCore is pleased to announce the immediate availability of GPS 4.4.0 for the following hosts:

    x86-windows (2003, XP, Vista)

New functions in GPS 4.4 include:

    Improved user interface, memory usage and speed
    Entity View
    Enhanced documentation generation to support both API documentation and source code browsing
    Hyperlinks in source editor for quick source and web navigation
    Support for CodePeer and Couverture toolsets
    Improved SPARK support, in particular source navigation in annotations
    Tip of the Day
    Support for filters in the locations view
    Unified visual diff within a source editor
    Support for interleaved Ada/Expanded Ada (.dg files) in source editor
    Outline View updated in real-time and displays entities hierarchically
    New source navigation menus to display a type hierarchy and jump to the first subtype of an Ada type

New plug-ins, including:

    Set formatting preferences automatically from gnatpp project switches
    Automatically reformat on save using gnatpp
    Ability to create new files easily

A selection will also be demoed in the upcoming webinar featuring GPS 4.4. For more information and to enroll, please visit: