Product Updates

PolyORB 2.0

The recent release of PolyORB 2.0 brings increased versatility to our generic middleware technology.

A comprehensive architecture review and strategic reorganization resulted in a clear isolation of the essential controlling logic of the core distribution library. This allowed us to build and verify formal models of the internal components of PolyORB, providing increased confidence in the code.

New scheduling policies are also supported, allowing better adaptation to specific application requirements. Profiling was performed on the distribution runtime. This allowed us to identify and remove performance bottlenecks.

In addition to the extensive interoperability features of previous releases, this latest version makes PolyORB suitable for safe and secure software development in distributed applications.

PolyORB 2.0 is available for the following platforms:

  • sparc-solaris
  • x86-linux
  • pa-hpux