Product Updates

QGen 2.1

QGen 2.1 supports essentially all constructs used for modeling safety-critical control systems.  In addition, QGen 2.1 offers a number of other enhancements including optimization of code for switch blocks, the ability to add external code for Lookup tables and Prelookup blocks, support for commented-out / commented-through blocks, and factoring of code for reference models and model libraries.  QGen 2.1 is compatible with MATLAB versions 2008b through 2015b.

As a prototype capability, initial support for model-level debugging is available as a supplement to QGen 2.1.  Using the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) IDE, developers can debug both “pure” Simulink®/Stateflow® models and applications that combine manually prepared code with the auto-generated code.

QGen 2.1 will help reduce the effort in model-based development and verification, and future releases will continue to broaden the QGen product line. Among the planned enhancements is support for transforming high-level requirements into executable and verifiable assertions at the model and code levels.