High Integrity Language Technology (HILT 2012)

Dec 2-6, 2012 – Boston, MA

Sponsored by ACM SIGAda

AdaCore is a Platinum level sponsor, and AdaCore authors will be presenting a variety of papers and tutorials.

  • Johannes Känig. Leading-Edge Ada Verification Technologies: Combining Testing and Verification with GNATTest and GNATProve – The Hi-Lite Project (Tutorial)
  • Tucker Taft. MulticoreProgramming using Divide-and-Conquer and Work Stealing (Tutorial)
  • Claire Dross, Johannes Känig, and Ed Schonberg. Hi-Lite: The Convergence of Compiler Technology and Program Verification
  • Vincent Pucci and Ed Schonberg. The Implementation of Compile-Time Dimensionality Checking
  • Hristian Kirtchev. A Robust Implementation of Ada’s Finalizable Controlled Types
  • Geert Bosch. Synchronization Cannot Be a Library