Jose Ruiz

Dr. José F. Ruiz is a Senior Software Engineer at AdaCore. He received his Ph.D. Degree for his work in the field of real-time and multimedia systems, including scheduling policies and resource management in real-time operating systems. He has been working on embedded real-time Ada for more than 15 years, and he has authored/coauthored over 20 papers in that area.

What does “Frontline Support” mean to you?

Helping customers rapidly so they can work effectively without having to think about what is not part of their main domain of expertise. Everybody at AdaCore knows that customer support is our most important activity, and we are proud of being helpful.

What drew you to Ada?

I wanted to implement a platform for developing real-time embedded applications, and Ada showed up as an elegant language with the right abstraction level and integrating within the language the tasking model that I needed.

What’s your favorite feature of GNAT Pro Technology

The Ravenscar run time for embedded high-integrity applications which is an extremely simple run time that supports very efficient and deterministic tasking.