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Ada Development Environment for the Atmel® AVR® 8-bit microcontroller

GNAT Pro Safety-Critical is the natural Ada solution for the AVR® platform. It provides a complete Ada development environment, oriented towards the needs of systems that are safety-critical or that need to meet stringent memory constraints. The SPARK Pro toolset also targets the AVR® 8-bit microcontroller.

GNAT Pro Safety-Critical for AVR® supplies a fully configurable / customizable run-time library and implements one High-Integrity profile that is particularly relevant to safety-critical systems. The “Zero Footprint” (ZFP) profile corresponds to a language subset that does not require any GNAT run-time routines.


Lower certification costs

GNAT Pro Safety-Critical for AVR® brings the high-level language benefits of Ada to the embedded systems community who have requirements for low-power and small-memory devices, easing the job of developing safety-critical and high-security deeply embedded applications. Key to achieving this goal is the product’s fully configurable and customizable run-time library. You can select units in an a la carte fashion, thus limiting the run-time library to just those units that are required for the Ada features used in the application, and you can adapt their implementation if desired. Various compiler options (e.g. the ability to detect / prohibit features that could implicitly cause loops or conditionals in the generated code) simplify the coverage analysis required for certification.

Support for high levels of safety certification

ZFP is intended for high-criticality applications (for example those that need to be certified to DEF Stan 00-55).

“À la carte” run-time library configurability

The HIE product allows the user to tailor the run-time library so that it reflects exactly the support needed for the features that are used. This results in executables that are smaller and that are easier to certify (e.g., no “dead” code in the run-time library).

Key Features

  • Complete GNAT Pro toolset
  • ZFP for high levels of safety criticality
  • Usable on third-party or proprietary kernels
  • SPARK Pro toolset also targets AVR