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Ada Development Environment for the ERC32 / LEON Platforms

GNAT Pro is the natural Ada solution for the ERC32 / LEON processors. It provides a complete Ada development environment, oriented towards the needs of space systems with stringent memory constraints and is particularly suited for the development of safety-critical applications.

GNAT Pro for ERC32 / LEON supplies a fully configurable and customizable run-time library and implements several predefined run-time profiles:

  • The Zero Footprint (ZFP) profile defines an Ada language subset that does not require any Ada run-time routine thus reducing the memory footprint to user code only.
  • The Ravenscar Small Footprint profile fully implements the Ada 2005 Ravenscar tasking profile on top of ZFP. The restriction of tasking facilities allows the program to be predictable and makes it possible to meet stringent requirements for the purposes of certification.
  • The Ravenscar Extended profile adds features such as exception handling, stack overflow checking, dynamic memory management, and stack tracebacks for lower levels of criticality.



Lower certification costs

GNAT Pro for ERC32 / LEON has been produced following the ESA standard for software development processes ECSS-Q-ST-80C and ECSS-E-ST-40C. The qualification test suite guarantees 100% statement coverage for the restricted run-time libraries. Various compiler options (e.g. the ability to detect / prohibit features that could implicitly cause loops or conditionals in the generated code) simplify the coverage analysis required for certification.

Support for high levels of safety certification

The ZFP and Ravenscar profiles are intended for high-criticality applications (for example those that need to be certified to DO-178B / DO-178C Level A or B). The subset defined for the Ravenscar profile includes simple tasking features, with communication through protected objects or shared data.

“À la carte” run-time library configurability

The HIE product allows the user to tailor the run-time library so that it reflects exactly the support needed for the features that are used. This results in executables that are smaller and that are easier to certify (e.g., no “dead” code in the run-time library).

Key Features

  • Complete GNAT Pro toolset
  • ZFP and Ravenscar profiles, for high levels of safety criticality
  • Extended Ravenscar profile, for lower levels of criticality