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Ada Development Environment for Wind River VxWorks DO-178B

GNAT Pro Safety-Critical is the natural Ada solution for VxWorks/Cert. It provides a complete Ada development environment, fully integrated into Wind River´s tool suite and execution platform and oriented towards the needs of safety-critical systems.

GNAT Pro Safety-Critical supplies a fully configurable/customizable run-time library and implements two predefined profiles that are particularly relevant to safety-critical systems. The ”Zero Footprint“ (ZFP) profile corresponds to a language subset that does not require any GNAT run-time routines. The Ravenscar profile (a superset of ZFP) implements a set of tasking constructs that are sufficiently restrictive to facilitate safety certification but sufficiently expressive to allow the programming of real-world applications.

GNAT Pro Safety-Critical supports VxWorks Cert 5 / 6.x for DO-178B.

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