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Ada Development Environment for LynxOS-178

GNAT Pro for LynxOS is a robust and flexible Ada development environment targeted to the LynxOS-178 ARINC 653 compliant real-time operating system.

GNAT Pro for LynxOS comprises a full Ada compiler, an Integrated Development Environment (GPS, the GNAT Programming Studio), a comprehensive toolset including a visual debugger, and a set of libraries and bindings (including Ada 83 and Ada 95+ APEX bindings). It allows development of pure Ada applications as well as Ada components in multi-language systems. It supports applications using Ada tasking (over POSIX) or ARINC 653 processes. It is distributed with complete source code, and is backed by rapid and expert support service.

Based on the GNU GCC technology, GNAT Pro for LynxOS-178 is the natural Ada solution for LynxOS-178. It fits smoothly into the standard LynxOS-178 toolset, which is also based on GCC, and provides an easy transition path for LynxOS-178 developers seeking a reliable and powerful Ada programming environment.


Programming in the large

GNAT Pro can be used for systems comprising many thousands of modules, and millions of lines of code. Its robust system architecture scales based on program size and does not degrade abruptly when a fixed capacity is reached. Its Project Manager facility offers users a flexible framework for organizing large, multi-person development efforts.

Multi-language development

Thanks to the open standards used by GCC, GNAT Pro eases the job of developing applications comprising Ada and other languages such as C, Fortran, and C++. The Ada interfacing facilities are fully implemented. ARINC-653 APEX Part 1 is fully supported.

Excellent code quality

Efficient object code is achieved through a combination of Ada-specific and GCC back end optimizations; a supplemental tool reduces code size by removing unused subprograms from an executable. The run-time libraries have been tuned to provide high performance, with a special focus on exception handling and tasking.

Ease of transitioning from other Ada compiler systems

GNAT Pro implements several attributes and pragmas that ease the porting of existing Ada 83 or Ada 95 code bases to GNAT, and the Project Manager facility allows you to adopt the same file naming conventions and directory structure as were used in the previous system.

Open source technology

Full source code is provided for all GNAT Pro components. Developers can see how the run-time libraries implement dynamic Ada features in the context of the LynxOS kernel.


  • Support for LynxOS-178 2.2.2
  • Efficient tasking implementation, with Ada tasks mapped to the Posix thread LynxOS-178 library
  • Full ARINC-653 APEX Part 1 bindings for Ada 83 and Ada 95+
  • Full Ada implementation, including all Specialized Needs Annexes and in particular the strict Ada real-time features (Annex D)
  • Certifiable profiles for use with APEX processes or Ravenscar tasking
  • GPS (GNAT Programming Studio), a powerful, extensible, and tailorable Integrated Development Environment
  • Visual debugging support, including a remote interface for debugging an embedded target
  • Comprehensive toolsuite, including a heap usage monitor, a unit testing framework, a pretty printer, a program browser, an HTML generator, and a program metrics generator
  • Libraries and bindings supplementing the standard Ada API, including packages for services such as operating system interfaces, text manipulation and pattern matching, data structures and algorithms, and I/O operations
  • Detailed documentation, including the GNAT User's Guides for native and cross platforms, and the GNAT Reference Manual Other GNAT Pro advantages
  • Guaranteed rights to use GNAT Pro components, without any obligation to expose or distribute your source code
  • Quality assurance, comprising a rigorous configuration management process and extensive test suites


GNAT Pro for LynxOS-178 is available as a cross development environment on Windows targeted to PowerPC PPC603 compatible processors.