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Ada Development Environment for SYSGO PikeOS

GNAT Pro Safety-Critical is the natural Ada solution for PikeOS. It provides a complete Ada development environment, fully integrated into SYSGO’s tool suite and execution platform and oriented towards the needs of safety-critical systems.

GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for PikeOS supplies a fully configurable/customizable run-time library and implements two predefined profiles that are particularly relevant to safety-critical systems. The Zero Footprint (ZFP) profile corresponds to a language subset that does not require any GNAT run-time routines. The Ravenscar profile provides a restricted and deterministic subset of Ada tasking. Two implementation of this profile are provided: one based on APEX and compatible with ARINC-653 applications, and one based on directly on the native PikeOS API to take advantage of this layer’s run-time efficiency.


GNAT Pro customers can now take advantage of the many new features offered by PikeOS, including:

  • Complete GNAT Pro toolset adapted to PikeOS
  • GPS (GNAT Programming Studio) Integrated Development Environment
  • Codeo integration via GNATbench
  • Support for multiple safety certification levels through various run-time profiles
  • Support for the PikeOS core OS and application partitions


Full integration into PikeOS environment

The integration is evident at all levels: tools, services, formats, and kernels. Both GNAT Pro and the PikeOS tools are based on the same technologies for code generation (gcc), and binary utilities (GNU binutils). You can manipulate and analyze Ada applications through SYSGO’s Codeo and its associated tools.

Lower certification costs

Various compiler options (e.g. the ability to detect/prohibit features that could implicitly cause loops or conditionals in the generated code) simplify the coverage analysis required for certification.

Support for high levels of safety certification

The ZFP and Ravesncar profiles are intended for high-criticality applications (for example those that need to be certified to DO-178B Level A or B). The subset defined for the Ravenscar profiles includes support for unconstrained function results, simple text I/O, full arithmetic capabilities, bit array operations, and a slightly restricted Ada 95 style exception handling implementation. The corresponding run-time library is intended to execute over the PikeOS certified partition operating system with APEX facilities or with Ada tasking.