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Ada Development Environment for Wind River VxWorks 5

GNAT Pro is the natural Ada solution for VxWorks: a complete Ada development environment, fully integrated into Wind River’s tool suite and execution platform. The integration is evident at all levels: tools, services, formats, and kernels. For example, both GNAT Pro and the VxWorks tools are based on the same technologies for code generation (gcc), debugging (gdb), and binary utilities (GNU binutils). You can thus develop applications that freely combine modules in Ada, C, and C++. You can also manipulate and analyze Ada applications through Wind River’s WindSh shell, the Tornado browser, Wind View, Memscope, Profilescope, Tracescope and Stethoscope.

GNAT Pro is ideal for developers seeking reliability, performance, and portability in real-time embedded environments .


Inclusion of source code

Full source code is provided for GNAT Pro, allowing you to see how the run-time libraries implement dynamic Ada features in the context of the VxWorks kernel.

Ease of use

The GNAT Pro development environment is designed to provide maximum flexibility, portability and extensibility, allowing a one-click switch between native and cross development environments


Ada run-time features (memory management, tasking, I/O) map directly and efficiently onto the underlying VxWorks kernel routines.

Key Features

  • Ada compilation toolchain: compiler, binder, debugger, automatic make facility
  • GPS (GNAT Programming System) Integrated Development Environment
  • Ada standard library and GNAT components library
  • Ada browsing tools and utilities: entity finder (use and definitions), cross referencer, automatic doc generator, library manager, pre-processor, metrics calculator, postmortem backtrace analyzer, etc.
  • Dynamic and static stack size usage information

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