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Ada Development Environment for Wind River VxWorks 6

GNAT Pro is the natural Ada solution for VxWorks 6: a complete Ada implementation with real-time performance and functionality, integrated into Wind River’s tool suite and execution platform, offering several host development environments and memory protection models.

The industry’s leading Ada development solution, GNAT Pro is a well-established and widely-used product on Wind River platforms. Its implementation on VxWorks 6 marks the continuation of a successful and longstanding partnership between AdaCore and Wind River in the area of high quality embedded software, and benefits from a large body of customer experience with GNAT Pro on real-time systems.

GNAT Pro is ideal for developers seeking reliability, performance, and portability in real-time embedded environments. With GNAT Pro you can be confident that you are using a mature, dependable Ada technology backed by the world’s leading Ada experts.


Memory protection flexibility

With GNAT Pro for VxWorks 6 you can generate Kernel Modules as well as Real-Time Processes (RTPs), thus taking advantage of the capabilities of Wind River’s Real-Time Operating System.

Development environment options

Choose between two powerful integrated environments:

  • GNAT Programming Studio (GPS)
    GPS is a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment that has been successfully used to build and maintain systems comprising more than one million lines of code. Seamlessly integrated with VxWorks, GPS provides a one-click switch between native and cross environments.

  • Plug-in for Wind River Workbench
    The AdaCore plug-in, developed with close collaboration with Wind River, takes advantage of the Eclipse and Wind River plug-in framework to provide Workbench users with a fully integrated Ada solution.

Inclusion of source code

Full source code is provided for GNAT Pro, allowing you to see how the run-time libraries implement dynamic Ada features in the context of the VxWorks kernel.


Ada run-time features (memory management, tasking, I/O) map directly and efficiently onto the underlying VxWorks kernel routines.

Key Features

  • Implementation of all versions of Ada: Ada 2012 / 2005 / 95 / 83
  • Mixed-language support, allowing composition of applications comprising Ada, C, and C++
  • Flexible development environment solution: GPS, Workbench
  • Full source-level debugger, invokable through the IDE or via the command line
  • Support for VxWorks 6 Kernel Modules and Real-Time Processes
  • Extensive GNAT library, including general and special purpose packages (sorting policies, hash tables, regular expressions, target independent OS interface, etc.)
  • Comprehensive toolset, invokable from the command line, and thus through scripts, as well as from the IDE. Toolset includes source browser, entity finder (use and definitions), cross referencer, converter from Ada to browsable HTML, library manager, pre-processor, metrics calculator, postmortem backtrace analyzer, etc.
  • AUnit: Ada unit testing tool

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