Mixed Language Development

Easily interface between Ada and other languages.


GNAT Pro C is an ideal complement to GNAT Pro for Ada in the context of multi-language development. It offers all the tools necessary for C and mixed Ada/C development including the GNAT Pro C compiler, the GPS IDE, and automatic binding generators. It is fully integrated with the other GNAT Pro for Ada and C++ solutions.

The GNAT Pro Development Environment

AdaCore provides the GNAT Pro package as a yearly subscription which includes access to the latest versions of the technology with upgrades and Frontline support.


GNAT Pro is a robust and flexible C development environment. It comprises:

  • Rich suite of tools including the C compiler based on GNU GCC technology fully integrated with the GNAT Pro for Ada compiler
  • The GNAT Programming Studio IDE offering advanced navigational (including call graphs) and edition capabilities, and both C and mixed Ada/C debugging
  • GPRbuild, an advanced software tool designed to help automate the construction of mixed Ada/C systems
  • Binding generators automatically producing Ada bindings from C headers

Frontline Support

Outstanding support is intrinsic to GNAT Pro and is supplied directly by AdaCore experts and the product developers themselves. Questions on all aspects of Ada and GNAT Pro are answered promptly, comprehensively, and accurately: 80% of questions and reports, many of them on the use of Ada and the GNAT Pro technology, are solved in less than a day. For details visit the Frontline Support page »

Major Features Include