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GNAT Component Collection

The GNAT Component Collection is a suite of reusable software components and utilities. It has been used by AdaCore in developing the GNAT Pro Toolset, the GPS Integrated Development Environment, and GNAT Tracker, its web-based customer support interface.

The GNAT Component Collection includes:

  • Software that allows integration with scripting languages, such as python
  • Database interfaces for APIs, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite
  • Ada packages supplying a variety of services, such as
    • Configurable traces
    • Efficient file IO
    • Efficient static string searching (Boyer-Moore algorithm)
    • E-mail and mailbox manipulation
    • Ravenscar tasking pattern examples
    • Various predefined storage pool utilities

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Developer Gems    

  • Gem #130 : Type-Safe Database API - Part 2

    The first Gem in this series discussed how to write syntactically correct and type-safe SQL queries. We now need to execute these queries on the DBMS of choice and retrieve the results. This Gem explains how to use the DBMS-agnostic API in GNATColl to do this.

  • Gem #114: Logging with GNATCOLL.Traces

    The GNAT Components Collection provides a package with facilities for logging information to various text files. Extra information can be output for each log, providing convenient ways to understand the behavior of an application when a debugger is not available.

Live Docs

  • GNATcoll: GNAT Component Collection »

    This is the main documentation for GNATcoll, a library providing a number of modules that can be reused in your own applications to add extra features or help implementation.

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