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GNAT Programming Studio

GPS is a powerful and simple-to-use IDE that streamlines your software development process from the initial coding stage through testing, debugging, system integration, and maintenance. Built entirely in Ada, GPS is designed to allow programmers to get the most out of GNAT Pro technology.

GNAT Pro’s Integrated Development Environment

Tools you can use

GPS’s extensive navigation and analysis tools can generate a variety of useful information including call graphs, source dependencies, project organization, and complexity metrics, giving you a thorough understanding of your program at multiple levels. It allows you to interface with third-party Version Control Systems, easing both development and maintenance.

Robust, Flexible and Extensible

Especially suited for large, complex systems, GPS lets you import existing projects from other Ada implementations while adhering to their file naming conventions and retaining your directory organization. Through its multi-language capabilities you can also handle components written in C and C++. GPS is highly extensible; a simple scripting approach lets you plug in additional tools. It is also tailorable, allowing you to specialize various aspects of the program’s appearance in the editor.

Easy to learn, easy to use

If you are a new user, you will appreciate GPS’s intuitive menu-driven interface with extensive online help (including documentation on all the menu selections) and “tool tips”. The Project Wizard makes it simple to get started, supplying default values for almost all of the project properties. Experienced users will appreciate that GPS offers the necessary level of control for advanced uses; e.g. the ability to run command scripts. Anything you can do on the command line is achievable through the menu interface.

Remote Programming

Integrated into GPS, Remote Programming provides a secure and efficient way for programmers to access any number of remote servers running a wide variety of platforms while taking advantage of the power and familiarity of their local PC workstations. Read More »

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GPS Benefits at a glance

  • Management of complexity, through tools that provide specialized views of the program components and their interrelationships
  • Ease of learning, through a platform-independent visual interface
  • Automation of the program build process, through a project manager tool that offers complete control over switch settings, file location, etc.
  • Ease of debugging, through a fully integrated visual debugger
  • Support for configuration management, through an interface to 3rd-party version control systems
  • Adaptability, through facilities that allow GPS to be extended or tailored
  • Compatibility of new versions of GPS with older versions of GNAT Pro

Knowledge Center


  • Introducing GPS 5.1

    November 15, 2011

    The GNAT Pro InSight webinar series continues with a presentation and demo of the new features introduced in GPS 5.1.

    This major release sees many enhancements to our IDE technology including extended feature support for C and C++, improved integration with CodePeer (automated code reviewer and validator), more powerful source editing, and enhanced GUI performance.

    This webinar will go through the new features and demo a selection. As always, there will be a Q&A session at the end.
  • Introducing GPS 5.0

    December 14, 2010

    The GNAT Pro InSight webinar series continues with a presentation and demo of the new features introduced in GPS 5.0.

    This major release sees many enhancements to our IDE technology including improved support for C/C++ in addition to its already comprehensive support for the Ada language, more powerful source editing, improved ease of use, better tool support (GNATstack, CodePeer), and enhanced documentation generation.

Developer Gems    

  • Gem #124 : Scripting GPS for Static Analysis

    This Gem shows how to use the scripting capabilities of the GNAT Programming Studio IDE to perform some simple static analysis.

  • Gem #106: Lady Ada Kisses Python—Part 2

    This series of two Gems explains how to use the GNAT Components Collection to interface your Ada code with Python. The first Gem described what benefits this could bring to your application, and the difficulties there would be in interfacing directly to the Python library. The second Gem shows how to get started with GNATCOLL to make the interfacing much easier.

Live Docs

  • GPS Tutorial »

    This document provides a guide through the major capabilities of the GNAT Programming Studio by working on a code example: sdc, a simple desktop calculator.

  • GPS User’s Guide »

    This is the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) User's Guide. GPS is a complete integrated development environment that gives access to a wide range of tools and integrates them smoothly.

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