Comprehensive Ada Toolsuite

Libraries and Bindings

Supplementing the standard Ada API, GNAT Pro includes packages for services such as operating system interfaces, XML processing, text manipulation and pattern matching, data structures and algorithms, and I/O operations.

Libraries included with GNAT Pro

  • POSIX API (Florist)
  • Win32 API
  • Dynamic tables (GNAT.Dynamic_Tables, GNAT.Table)
  • Hashing (GNAT.HTable)
  • Perfect hash function generator (GNAT.Perfect_Hash.Generators)
  • Sorting (GNAT.Bubble_Sort*, GNAT.Heap_Sort*)
  • Regular expressions & pattern matching (GNAT.Regexp, GNAT.Regpat, GNAT.AWK, GNAT.Expect, GNAT.Spitbol.*)
  • Checksum computations (GNAT.CRC32, GNAT.MD5, GNAT.SHA1)
  • Spell Checker (GNAT.Spell_Checker)
  • CGI Programming (GNAT.CGI.*)
  • Facilities to help log & debug your application (GNAT.Source_Info, GNAT.Debug_Pools, GNAT.Exception_Traces, GNAT.Traceback)
  • Utilities to handle the command line (Ada.Command_Line.*, GNAT.Command_Line)
  • OS-independent interfacing functions (GNAT.Ctrl_C, GNAT.OS_Lib, GNAT.IO.*, GNAT.Lock_Files, GNAT.Directory_Operations, GNAT.Sockets, GNAT.Threads, GNAT.Task_Lock)

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