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XML / Ada - Ada library for processing XML streams

The XML/Ada Pro XML processing library offers an object-oriented interface that fully supports XML 1.1 standard, SAX 2.0 Callback Standard, and DOM Level 2 Standard. It supports document validation according to XML Schema 1.0 (with partial support for Schema 1.1), and provides an extensive Unicode module for manipulating various encodings.

XML Ada Includes:

  • Complete XML 1.1 Parser, Including DTDs, Entity Resolution, External Entities, Attribute Normalization, and Conditional Sections
  • Support for DOM 2.0 Providing Tree Representation of XML Streams
  • Support for XML Schema 1.0 (with partial support for Schema 1.1) for Document Validation
  • Implementation of the SAX 2.0 Callback Standard, a framework defining a set of callbacks that are automatically invoked when special events are detected in the XML stream. Through an object-oriented Ada interface, the XML/Ada Pro’s SAX implementation efficiently converts XML streams to application-specific data representations
  • A Unicode Module that lets you read, manipulate and write Unicode streams in various encodings such as UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32. It provides a conversion mecanism between Unicode and encodings such as Latin-1, Latin-2, etc.

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Developer Gems    

  • Gem #21: How to parse an XML text

    Ada Gem #21 — The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops various specifications around the XML file format. In particular, it specifies various APIs to load, process and write an XML file. Although these APIs are not specified for Ada, XML/Ada tries to conform as closely as possible to them.

    This gem describes how to use XML/Ada to parse an XML file.

  • Gem #19: XML streaming of Ada objects

    Ada Gem #19 — XML streaming of Ada objects