GPS 6 : Still Simply Powerful. Now Simply Beautiful.

GPS 6.0 features an improved visual appearance and also an enhanced underlying engine with a number of useful additions. Based on customer feedback, the improvements bring a cleaner interface, more space for editing, and easier accessibility to program-related information. These enhancements are well aligned with GPS’s underlying philosophy: to serve as a customizable platform for multi-language multi-tool integration, usable by developers at all experience levels.


  • Ability to change the color of many GPS elements, including selection of white foreground and dark background.
  • Support for color themes, to switch quickly among preselected settings.


  • Ability to search in all contexts, including source filenames, file contents, and code entities, directly from the main toolbar.


  • Ability to directly access view preferences from a local toolbar.
  • Support for “compact mode” (specification and body on same line) and “flat mode” for locations view.

Interface Reorganization

  • More economic usage of screen real estate, for example by placing tabs on top of the views.
  • Improved toolbar with monochrome icons.
  • Ability to position tabs on the side, for better appearance on wide screens.
  • Better handling of documents, for example with editors and views clearly separated.

Improved Performance and New Capabilities

  • A more efficient (and persistent) storage mechanism for cross reference information, using a relational database.
  • Language support for SPARK 2014, and syntax highlighting and tooltips for Ada 2012 and SPARK 2014 aspects.
  • Several editor enhancements, ranging from completion and autofix to text formatting.
  • A number of additions to the scripting API.


Get an introduction to the main features and benefits of GPS in these video demos. We’ll be adding more videos over the coming months.

Introducing the new GPS interface