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  • Rhapsody Ada and GNAT Pro integration

    The demo is presented by Fraser Chadburn, Senior Applications Engineer, IBM, and highlights:

    • How to integrate a UML2 modeling environment like Rhapsody with an Ada development environment like GNAT Pro into a seamless tool chain;
    • How to bring model-driven engineering with Rhapsody to the high-integrity domain where Ada is widely used;
    • How to support a lean and incremental model-driven development process using UML2 for design and Ada for implementation;
    • How to develop new Ada components using round-trip engineering and model-level debugging in Rhapsody;
    • How to decrease the evolution, reuse and maintainance costs of certified and proven-in-use Ada components thanks to Rhapsody reverse engineering capabilities;
    • How to generate code for Ada 83, Ada 95, Ada 2005 and soon Ada 2012 from the same UML model;
    • How to use Ada object-oriented features using the standard UML notation;
    • How to benefit from Ada expressive power for modeling range, floating and fixed points types in Rhapsody
  • Boeing 787 avionics software

    Providing a DO-178B Level A Software Programming Environment for the Boeing 787 avionics software

    AdaCore, Verocel, and Wind River Systems joined together as a team to provide a real-time embedded development platform, which is used as the basis for DO-178B Level A safety critical application development for the Boeing 787. Wind River Systems provided VxWorks 653, the common core ARINC-653 operating environment that provides robust time, space and shared resource partitioning. AdaCore provided the Ada run-time system tailored to the specific requirements of the avionics software teams layered on top of this RTOS. Verocel provided the safety critical expertise to create the certification evidence for all of these architectural layers to meet DO-178B Level A requirements. This team effort has created a complete Do-178B development platform for this program and future avionics software development efforts.
  • GNAT Pro 6.1.1

    The latest version of the GNAT Pro Ada toolset sees over 150 enhancements to the technology including:

    • Additional GNAT Pro platforms incorporating the gcc 4.1 code generator (this code generator will now be included on most platforms)

    • Upgrade of the debugging engine, based on gdb 6.6

    • Improvement in robustness and efficiency for Ada 2005 features

    • Better real-time support on win32 platforms

    • Thread-safe profiling with gprof, on several platforms

    • Increased coverage analysis support for Ada in the gcov tool

    • New warnings to help programmers detect errors earlier

    • GNAT Pro companion tools such as gnatcheck, gnatpp and gnatmetric are being enhanced to support a wider variety of coding styles and coding standards.

    The next webinar in the GNAT Pro InSight series will describe and demo some of the new features introduced in 6.1.1. As always, we will allow a question and answer session at the end enabling you to talk directly with the designers of GNAT Pro.