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  • Eclipse

    Open standards COTS products come together to streamline safety-critical and OEM embedded development. Eclipse has promised tools can plug in and work together, and we’ll see concrete examples in this live event. Telelogic, AdaCore, and LynuxWorks are utilizing the power of the open Eclipse framework to help integrate and streamline the process from design to deployment.

    Hear Telelogic explain how Rhapsody, a UML design tool, and DOORS, the industry standard requirements tool, are taking advantage of Eclipse to provide an easy path from design to code. AdaCore introduces their Eclipse-based GNATbench and GNAT Pro tool set that brings both Ada and C/C++ code together, integrating with the leading safety critical open-standards based RTOS – LynxOS-178. LynuxWorks shows how their Luminosity tool suite continues the common look and feel of Eclipse, to help build, test and deploy safety critical systems.
  • GNATbench for Eclipse

    AdaCore has recently launched GNATbench 2.0. GNATbench Version 2.0 has been upgraded with new capabilities to support Eclipse 3.2. The upgrade provides development teams using the Eclipse 3.2 framework with advanced Ada language support and a fully integrated GNAT Pro Ada toolset to facilitate multi-language development, sophisticated editing, browsing, debugging, and comprehensive compilation. GNATbench supports both native (standard) Eclipse and Wind River’s Eclipse-based Workbench software development environment.

    This webinar will appeal to Ada developers that are using, or are interested in using, GNAT Pro and the Eclipse development environment in their projects.