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  • Addressing security in safety-critical and mission-critical UAS

    When it comes to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), virtually everyone is talking about and concerned with privacy issues – as though drones were robotic peeping Toms. The much larger and more critical issue, however, is security – without it, the potential exists for control of drones and even swarms of drones to be usurped and used to inflict harm. UAS hardware and software must be designed with development tools proven to be effective in the design and deployment of safety-critical and mission-critical systems and vehicles. In this webinar Robert Dewar will discuss the selection of optimal development tools and processes to ensure the safety, security, and reliability of real-time unmanned aircraft, onboard software, and ground control solutions.
  • Unit testing with GNATtest

    The InSight webinar series continues with a webinar demonstrating how to write unit tests in a cost-effective way using the AdaCore toolset. More precisely it will show how to generate the unit testing framework using GNATtest, how to run the tests on an emulator such as GNATemulator and how to extract coverage results using GNATcoverage. This is primary aimed at developers and projects managers that already have unit testing infrastructure in place and are looking to reduce maintenance costs, as well as teams that are looking at implementing such techniques with minimal effort.
  • Migrating to DO-178C/Avionics Certification Trends

    Wind River, Ada Core and Verocel will show the webcast audience how use of COTS technology and best practices in software certification can improve time to market and reduce risk for safety-critical software developers.

    AdaCore will introduce tools and techniques for easing the development and certification costs for applications to be deployed within an IMA architecture. Options for certification approaches will be discussed along with methods for automating these approaches. Full software development environments will be discussed with tight integration of tools and toolsets when they are applicable to the development or safety certification effort for a particular safety standard.
  • Boeing 787 avionics software

    Providing a DO-178B Level A Software Programming Environment for the Boeing 787 avionics software

    AdaCore, Verocel, and Wind River Systems joined together as a team to provide a real-time embedded development platform, which is used as the basis for DO-178B Level A safety critical application development for the Boeing 787. Wind River Systems provided VxWorks 653, the common core ARINC-653 operating environment that provides robust time, space and shared resource partitioning. AdaCore provided the Ada run-time system tailored to the specific requirements of the avionics software teams layered on top of this RTOS. Verocel provided the safety critical expertise to create the certification evidence for all of these architectural layers to meet DO-178B Level A requirements. This team effort has created a complete Do-178B development platform for this program and future avionics software development efforts.