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Ada 2005 Rationale - Exceptions, generics   (pt 6 of 8)

This paper describes various improvements in a number of general areas in Ada 2005.

There are some minor almost cosmetic improvements in the exceptions area which add to convenience rather than functionality. There are some important changes in the numerics area: one concerns mixing signed and unsigned integers and another concerns fixed point multiplication and division.

There are also a number of additional pragmas and Restrictions identifiers mostly of a safety-related nature.

Finally there are a number of improvements in the generics area such as better control of partial parameters of formal packages.

This is one of a number of papers concerning Ada 2005 which are being published in the Ada User Journal. An earlier version of this paper appeared in the Ada User Journal, Vol. 26, Number 3, September 2005. Other papers in this series will be found in later issues of the Journal or elsewhere on this website.

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