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Ada 2005 Rationale - Object oriented model (pt 2 of 8)

This paper describes various important improvements to the object oriented model for Ada 2005.

First an alternative more traditional prefixed notation for calling operations has been introduced. A major improvement is that Java-like interfaces are introduced thereby permitting simple multiple inheritance; null procedures have also been introduced as a category of operation. Greater general flexibility is provided by allowing type extension at a more nested level than that of the parent.

There are also explicit features for overcoming nasty bugs which arise from confusion between overloading and overriding.

This is one of a number of papers concerning Ada 2005 which are being published in the Ada User Journal. An earlier version of this paper appeared in the Ada User Journal, Vol. 26, Number 1, March 2005. Other papers in this series will be found in later issues of the Journal or elsewhere on this website.

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