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Ada 2005 Rationale - Tasking and real-time (pt 5 of 8)

This paper describes various improvements in the tasking and real-time areas for Ada 2005.

There are only a few changes to the core tasking model itself. One major extension, however, is the ability to combine the interface feature described in an earlier paper with the tasking model; this draws together the object-oriented and tasking models of Ada which previously were disjoint aspects of the language.

There are also many additional predefined packages in the Real-Time Systems annex concerning matters such as scheduling and timing; these form the major topic of this paper.

This is one of a number of papers concerning Ada 2005 which are being published in the Ada User Journal. An earlier version of this paper appeared in the Ada User Journal, Vol. 26, Number 3, September 2005. Other papers in this series will be found in later issues of the Journal or elsewhere on this website.

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