• GNAT Project Manager - Introduction

    Daniel Bigelow on managing GNAT project files via the GNAT Programming Studio.

  • GNAT Project Manager: Advanced

    A set of tutorials by Daniel Bigelow describing how the GNAT Project Manager can be used to develop large software systems.

  • SPARK User Group 2012

    AdaCore and Altran partnered together to present the SPARK User Group 2012 at the High Assurance Software Symposium. The day included a series of talks by experts on tools and strategies for developing safe and secure software, including the introduction of SPARK 2014, the next generation of the SPARK language, which provides powerful verification through testing and proof.

  • SPARK Pro (Release 11) New Features

    Videos highlighting some of the new features of SPARK Pro (Release 11)

  • Ada 2012

    Videos about Ada 2012 : The next generation of the world’s premier programming language for engineering safe, secure and reliable software.

  • Daniel Bigelow Tutorials

    Videos related to the development of high-integrity software systems by Daniel Bigelow.

  • The Ada Connection 2011

    A series of talks from the Ada Connection 2011 conference that took place in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Ada-Europe series of conferences has become established as an international forum for providers, practitioners and researchers in all aspects of reliable software technologies.

  • SPARK User Group 2010

    AdaCore’s partner Altran has traditionally run a bi-annual “SPARK User Group”. The talks from this years event aimed at engineers and managers who are concerned with the development, regulation, or procurement of high assurance software, but who may not be day-to-day SPARK users.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    In this lecture given at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mr. Dewar gives an overview of the history of Ada, which includes the motivation for its conception, the story of its development, and the role Ada plays in present day programming.

  • SPARK Pro Demos

    A series of SPARK Pro demos that present a practical, hands-on introduction on using the most important features of the SPARK programming language.

  • SPARK Answers

    Everything you ever wanted to know about SPARK! OK, maybe not everything you wanted to know, but you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about SPARK from Rod Chapman, a Principal Engineer with Altran Praxis.

  • Ada Answers

    Hear what developers and technology decision makers have to say about Ada in this series of videos interviews. They’ll explain their decision to choose Ada and share the positive experiences and benefits they’ve gained.